Ink Tales Letterpress



We believe that fıne illustrated letterpress stationery and unique design can bring colour and beauty into daily or special moments.



We are Réka and Attila, the heart and soul of INK TALES LETTERPRESS.

Since our marriage in 2017, the idea of self-express and the need to make something creative led to the start of our design studio focusing on letterpress printing, bookbinding and papermaking. The quintessence of our philosophy is to bring colour and beauty into daily or special moments through quality stationery products.

Our studio specialises in designing and producing high-quality illustrated letterpress invitations, diaries, notebooks, postcards, business cards and keepsake boxes. All the products are handcrafted in our workshop with the help of age-old hand-operated presses, making each piece unique.

We combine traditional printing, bookbinding and artistic methods with contemporary techniques. This fusion creates something that reflects the past and the future at the same time. We intend to keep these historical manufacturing processes alive and pass them on to future generations.

Today sustainability is a relevant issue, so we only use quality papers and raw materials from sustainable production processes, and we recycle our scrap papers by turning them into handmade paper.

Holding a paper product in your hand gives you that tactile feedback of a uniquely personal experience that stimulates your imagination and creativity.

We believe the world can be more beautiful in this digital age if we maintain human connections through beautiful paper products.


RÉKA Szőke-Kónya

I'm Réka, the dreamer and paper addict of Ink Tales Letterpress.

The desire for creation and self-expression was always present in my life and combined with my attraction towards antique items enhanced a fascination with beauty. This led me, after studying graphic design and visual art, to choose a career where colours, shapes, papers and different textures are all present and an integral part of my everyday life.

My excessive aspiration for perfection can be disturbing when I am working with my husband, but when we are holding the finished product in our hands, we both agree that it was worth it.

I’m passionate about graphic design and illustration, ligatures, beauty, flowers, the craftsmanship of letterpress, typography, colours, the smell of various inks and paper, ink mixing, the texture of the bookbinding cloth, and about the fact that every antique printing press has its own story and soul.

Co-Founder • Chief Executive Officer


My motto is: Nothing is impossible, you just have to find a way to do it.

I enjoy chatting with our clients about their vision and I love the whole brainstorming process until we find the solution that best fits their needs. I have many ideas and I am always up for new challenges.

Letterpress taught me to slow down and that there is no need to rush because being in the studio among the cast iron machines is like being in a time capsule where time passes differently.

As the jester of the company, I tend to ease the tension with some jokes when the manufacturing process gets too serious. Sometimes this annoys Réka, but in the end, she is always smiling and we can continue working in a better mood.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” - Charlie Chaplin.


Exquisitely handcrafted letterpress stationery.


Mixing traditional printing, bookbinding and
artistic methods with contemporary techniques.


Self-produced refined hand-drawn illustrations.


Age-old hand-operated cast iron presses.


International shipping rates upon request.


Raw materials used from sustainable production processes.